Thursday, August 20, 2015

Windebank Summer 2015

Ron's Garden Art is still thriving with the wide variety of outdoor art that makes his works as natural as the roll of Northumberland Hills. The red and blue period of canvases has given way to roosters, horses and wildly colorful flowers:
Such a Bouquet of Hues

We used to have chicken roosters at our place and this is the spitting image of Beauregard.

And of course a dynamic Windebank horse.

But the real change at Windebank's Art Garden is the appearance of a lot more antiques. In the process of going out looking for old wood panels in the Hills, Ron has managed to find an ever growing collection of local antiques.

 Here are some new ones - a rocking horse:

And a pitcher.

In fact Ron has collected so many artifacts, that he could well call his place an Art and Antiques Barn as seen below.

In sum, Art shoppers coming to Windebank's Garden now have some great antiques to look through as well.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ron Windebanks Spring 2014 Art

It has been a long winter. And the Spring is barely showing with the all the cool days of rain. So as soon as the sun was shining, it was time for a fill of dramatic Spring florals. And there is no better place to get your fill of fine Spring blooms and floral painting then at Ron Windebanks Garden Art.
This Spring Ron is moving away from his Red and Blue period of paintings, and is now featuring florals and country animals primarily on white backgrounds. Even more interesting, Ron is using big barn doors and sidings for his "canvas" with the result that his painting have more dramatic impact. The following shots taken on the only day the sun was shining this last 2 weeks shows the new direction.
Here is a slideshow of the ew styling in Ron's Garden Art:

This year white is the background and florals abound. This viewer really likes the dancing Purple Petals and the bold Tulips Burst of Color . And for really robust hues try the Spring Bloom Detail where the old wooden siding adds burlap-like strength to the paintings. Also it is fascinating to see Ron’s workspace in the Barn with surrounding art work.
However, traditional flower arrangements like Early Lilac or Bouquet and Vase provide beauty with form. And the farm side is not forgotten with roosters and horses on scene. But for this viewer a stop at Ron’s place this year brought the simple Joy of Spring blooms aplenty and a warming spirit.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ron's Paintings in 2013

Ron has been exhibiting on weekends on Main Street in Warkworth village. If you were at the Lilac Festival here are some of the lilac inspired art works:

Ron is now working on big burly wood pieces.

If you go out to his farm east from Warkworth on route 29 you will find that Ron is now painting on large sheets of metal. The embossed metal surface adds an element of texture as seen in the photos below:

The black on white renders a fascinating second surface on the metal.

Inevitably there are quick, deft sketches of horses -

You can see Ron's latest works of art this weekend at the Sunday Long Lunch on Main Street in Warkworth or September 6-7 at the Fall Fair.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ron Windebank; Outdoor Art

Ron Windebank is an artist in Eastern Ontario. His Warkworth residence has two barns converted to gallery working and storage space plus a large country garden just out back flanked by statues, fences, and lots of his paintings and other artwork hanging nearby. In fact, Ron's place is teeming to the point of cluter with his unique Outdoor Art.

What is exactly is Outdoor Art?

Although it could hung and viewed inside a home, Ron's art is intended for outdoor display. Most of the works are finished such that they can withstand a tough Canadian winter with aplomb. The paints used are sun-hardy, and the style  is ... fun to Sunday.